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Editorial n some respects, procurement of editorial stories for our

Kraken pages, print and electronic, is analogous to ? shing: we

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Imight catch.

My interview with Shepard Smith, ex-NOAA and new

CTO of XOcean, in my humble opinion was a solid “keeper.”


John C. O’Malley

Before we met on Zoom for our recent interview, I did not know Shep Smith, but I’m sure at conferences and exhibitions our paths had crossed. I

Publisher & Editor won’t spoil the punch line here, as our 6 page feature on Smith and XOcean starts on page

Gregory R. Trauthwein 28, but what I found was someone with an enviable depth and breadth of experience and knowledge courtesy of his nearly three decades at NOAA, ? nishing up as the Director of

Contributing Writers the Of? ce of Coast Survey and the U.S. National Hydrographer. But the story on Smith

Edward Lundquist, U.S.

Elaine Maslin, Aberdeen goes deeper, as he re? ects on his recently completed 2000 mile trek along the Appalachian

Tom Mulligan, Ireland

Trail, affording him the time to re? ect not only on his “next chapter”, but also to gain some tools that will inevitably aid him in his new position.

Production Manager

In this edition Elaine Maslin (again) does what she does best: taking a deep dive into a

Irina Vasilets technical topic, in this case a looking inside the future of power for autonomous vessels.

The subsea space is clearly the leader when it comes to autonomy under (and in fact on)

Production & Graphic Design

Nicole Ventimiglia the water, and as this technological evolution proceeds at speed, another transcendent trend is decarbonization and the push toward net zero.

Where years ago “being green” was more marketing slogan than corporate mandate,

Corporate Staff the trends towards cleaner, greener operations of size and shape of vessels at sea is being

Manager, Marketing driven simultaneously by government and corporate mandate. Read up on some of the lat-

Mark O’Malley est trends in the fueling and propulsion of AUVs starting on page 34.


Esther Rothenberger

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Vladimir Bibik


Kathleen Hickey




Gregory R. Trauthwein

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