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AAM Launches 77-f . RV for Duke University

Images: All American Marine Inc.

All American Marine, Inc. (AAM) completed construction modate up to 30 passengers, built and certi? ed under USCG and launched an aluminum research and survey vessel for Subchapter “T” regulations. The Duke Marine Lab is a year-

Duke University. The Duke University Marine Lab (DUML) round teaching and research campus located on Pivers Island is a hydrofoil-assisted catamaran from Teknicraft Design that in Beaufort, NC. It offers academic programs at the doctoral, measures 77 x 26.5 ft., based on a pair of Teknicraft Design masters and undergraduate levels, and is home to the Nicholas vessels AAM built for NOAA. School of the Environment Marine Science and Conservation

The vessel is powered by twin Tier 3 CAT C18 “D” ACERT programs. The vessel was procured as part of an $11 million engines, rated at 803 bhp/2100 rpm and providing a cruising gift for the construction and operation of a new state-of-the-art speed of 24 knots. It has liveaboard accommodations for 14. research vessel that will expand teaching, research and out-

Driven by twin ? xed pitch propellers, the RV can accom- reach capabilities at the Marine Lab.

Images: All American Marine Inc.

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