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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Research Vessels: NATO’s RV Alliance get a portion of the sea time available on the ships, with the redundant systems on the ship, such as the steam heating and rest of the time available for NATO use. other polar precautions. And we were able to do that cruise in 2018.

Is that a good deal for Italy?

Italy didn’t have a platform like Alliance that they could How did it go?

use for national purposes until now. They end up with about It went really well. The ship performed superbly, and did 90 days of use of Alliance each year. So for the cost of a crew, an amazing job in some very challenging weather conditions. it is a good partnership arrangement. The crew was fairly inexperienced to start with, but we put them through training, and they learned very quickly and be-

Who pays for the maintenance? came quite con

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