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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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October 2019 Politics & Energy


Volume 62 • Number 8 10

Power Play As the 2020 U.S. presidential election draws near, MTR takes a look inside some leading

Democratic candidates’ plans for offshore wind.

By Tom Ewing

Seismic Survey 24 Quieter Surveys A look at a seismic shift towards quieter surveys.

By Elaine Maslin 24

Higher Learning 28 Sintef on the Rise At Norway’s premier research body SINTEF the breadth and number of research undertakings speak of wide- 34 ranging societal impact.

By William Stoichevski

Ocean Observation 34 OceanOBS ‘19 Held once per decade,

OceanObs’19 focused on

Innovation Expanding Ocean


By Justin Manley

Research Vessels NATO RV Alliance 40

RV Alliance has a new ? ag, a new mission, and it is quiet &

Ocean OBS ‘19 © dejavudesigns/Adobe Stock ice capable.

By Edward Lundquist

Eelgrass Monitoring 40 On Demand, 52

Continuous Case study looking at the bays of Duxbury, Kingston and Plymouth (DKP) where an eelgrass population, once thriving, is now severely diminished.

By Alessandra Bianchi 4 Editor’s Note 6 Authors in this Edition 8 Tech: New & Notable 54 Tech: Research Vessels 63 Classi? ed 64 Advertisers Index

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