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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Ocean Observation

OceanObs ‘19 Photo: OceanObs ‘19

OceanOBS ‘19

Innovation Expanding Ocean Observations

By Justin Manley ome people spend years follow- this diverse group to review the state of October 1999). The objective was to ing their favorite bands, others science and operations, and to de? ne de? ne the mix of operational measure- attend conventions for science goals for the next decade. The decadal ments needed by several related global

S? ction shows. But once a de- conferences are an occasion to celebrate programs, speci? cally World Climate cade those dedicated to sustained ocean the accomplishments and vision of glob- Research Program’s Climate Variability observing gather. The OceanObs con- al ocean observers. and Predictability Program (CLIVAR), ferences are held once every ten years 300 attendees gathered for The First the Global Ocean Observing System to focus the attention of those planning, International Conference on the Ocean (GOOS), and the Climate Observing implementing, and applying ocean ob- Observing System for Climate (Ocean- System (GCOS). The conference ad- serving systems. Each conference allows Obs’99, Saint Raphaël, France, 17-22 dressed technical and scienti? c chal-

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