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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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research and R&D contracts: a mighty offshore oil, gas and shipping value

Ship Repair | Conversions | Drydocking chain. A constant haul of government environmental and sectoral reports and by people who care about returning your vessel by people who care about returning your vessel offshore industry contracts has since swelled SINTEF annual reporting. to service on time and in budgetto service on time and in budget

Contract gains, however, were rein- vested in labs to serve new industries.

Over 60 well-funded SINTEF labs, tanks and other facilities can now test the model hull of a ? oating production unit or trial the transport of multiphase oil and gas well streams. Advanced mi- croelectronics and nanoscale R&D have

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A SINTEF test basin.

Charleston, South Carolina

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