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Schmidt Ocean Institute

Wendy Schmidt


Schmidt Ocean Institute

According to Wendy Schmidt, we live are a source of inspiration, resulting in sponsoring two ocean health XPRIZE in a pivotal time that requires us to re- ? nancial and personal investment in a challenges to funding the development examine humanity’s relationship with portfolio of programs that are not only of new ocean-friendly materials for use the ocean. In a fast-paced and changing driving increased awareness about the in consumer goods. Schmidt has also world, Mrs. Schmidt has emerged as an issues facing our oceans, but pushing extended her ocean-focused work to the th unlikely leader in an ocean revolution. the boundaries of current research to world of sporting through 11 Hour Rac-

Living and working for many years in identify and implement solutions. Mrs. ing, partnering with global sailing races the heart of Silicon Valley with her hus- Schmidt’s fearless attitude and hands-on to put sustainability at the core of their band Eric, she witnessed the rapid evo- approach is exempli? ed by the success operations and empowering athletes to lution of technologies that have shifted of these programs. be leaders in restoring ocean health. the way we do almost everything. For Schmidt’s focus on ocean health is “The ocean is under attack, and it is up some, the scale and pace of change pro- propelled by her passion for sailing and to us to offer a path towards solutions, vokes worry about our future. For oth- love of the ocean. The breadth of her fostered by a clearer understanding of ers, like Schmidt, these advancements ocean philanthropy is expansive, from why ocean health matters to everyone, July/August 2019 6


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