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QPS Inc.

Zeist, The Netherlands

MDs: Jonathan Beaudoin & Almar Hollaar

No. of Employees: 70

For more than 25 years, Quality Positioning Services oil and gas, offshore wind farms, and the dredging industry. (QPS) have been experts in maritime geomatics software Services include on-site and on-board training, setup, and and services. support. QPS’ mission is to keep even the most complex jobs

The company’s solutions are designed to encompass the running smoothly. entire workfow, from the surveyor all the way to the pilot, • Qinsy: systems integration, navigation, and survey and are used across a variety of industries, including hydro- planning, acquisition, and real-time processing. graphic surveying, offshore construction, oil and gas, chart • Qimera: multibeam data processing made simple and production, and piloting. QPS is headquartered in Zeist, The intuitive, while still offering advanced tools.

Netherlands, and has subsidiary offces located in Ports- • Fledermaus: 4D geo-spatial analysis, with movie mak- mouth, USA; Fredericton, Canada; and Banbury, UK. QPS ing tools and integrated video. is a SAAB Group Company since 2012. • Qarto: rapid, automated ENC production from high resolution source bathymetry.

The Tech • Qastor: precise piloting with under-keel clearance capa-

QPS marine construction solutions are highly focused in bility and real-time inform.

Dominion Line’s ‘Princess Anne’ in 1910. With Sperry Ma- rine being subsumed into British Aerospace, Silicon Sensing

Silicon Sensing Systems

Systems was formed in 1998 as a result of BAE Systems and

Plymouth, Devon, UK

Sumitomo cooperating to develop and produce the next gen- eration of solid-state gyroscopes, based on a silicon MEMS

President/CEO: Kevin Pindard construction.

Silicon Sensing Systems fourished, to enjoy a strong repu- tation for the production of low-cost reliable gyros. It led

Silicon Sensing Systems is a provider of silicon MEMS- based gyroscopes, accelerometers and inertial measurement the entry into the consumer car market, producing up to 4M units. The latest solutions offer robust non-magnetic north devices per year – and more than 30M to date.

The patented construction of its silicon MEMS gyros – fnding technology – a cost-effective alternative to FOG- based on a vibrating ring – makes the Silicon Sensing Sys- based products – as well as systems suitable for a wide range tems gyros highly resistant to shock and vibration, increas- of navigation and stabilisation requirements. With a heri- tage dating back more than ing the reliability and quality of its inertial portfolio. An 100 years, Silicon Sensing in-house MEMS foundry has manufactured all of the core

Systems and its predecessor gyro technology since the birth of the joint venture. Amongst its unique fabrication equipment is a deep reactive-ion etch- companies have a unique re- cord in delivering gyroscope ing capability, developed in-house in Japan. In recent years,

Silicon Sensing has also chosen to develop and produce a systems to the marine indus- try. Formed in 1910, Sperry range of sophisticated accelerometers to augment its total

Marine was set up to provide inertial capability.

Most recently, Silicon Sensing Systems has leveraged the practical navigation and sta- bilization systems based on inherent capability of its MEMS devices to create a new range of high-performance gyros and inertial systems. Spe- the newly emerging gyro- scope technology, delivering cifc new products now on offer include, CRS39 and CRH02 gyros (with performance better than 0.1deg/hr bias instabil- the frst north-fnding gyro- compass system aboard the ity), plus DMU11 and DMU30 inertial measurement units.

Silicon Sensing Systems

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