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Remote Ocean


San Diego, California

President/CEO: Bob Acks

No. of Employees: 30+

Remote Ocean Systems is an ISO 9001- 2015 certi? ed company with a 28,000 sq. ft. research and manufacturing facility dedi-

Oceanology International cated to producing products that are reliable in extreme environments and applications.

Oceanology International

Its product line includes underwater video

This ubiquitous gathering of subsea pioneers and tech turns 50 cameras, lights, rugged pan and tilt position- ing systems, video inspection systems and

The Oceanology International exhibition held every second year in control systems manufactured primarily for

London is arguably the world’s largest and best gathering point for the the oceanographic, nuclear and defense in- subsea industry, a conduit for the exchange of ideas, the launch pad dustries. ROS manufacturing is a cell-based for next-generation technologies and the meeting point for the “Who’s operation, incorporating one-piece ? ow and

Who” in the global subsea sector. But when the exhibition and confer- a 55 lean manufacturing environment. ence started in 1969 in the seaside resort of Brighton, ocean exploration was a wide-open frontier of possibilities in the world’s deepest seas.

The Tech

Today, there are moves to search the oceans other worlds inside our gal-

ROS design and manufacturing creden- axy, but the deep ocean still remains a frontier. To the emergent under- tials are the result of 40 years experience, water oceanographic and hydronautical world, the excitement that had state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and been building over the past decade about what exploration of the deep a team of highly quali? ed engineering spe- could offer, through the likes of Jacques Cousteau, was starting to be cialists in video technology, lighting design applied in a new industry, North Sea oil and gas exploration. The pos- and mechanical design reliability. Its 28,000 sibilities of new industries such as deepsea mining and sea? oor habita- sq. ft. headquarters and manufacturing facil- tion were also being discussed. ity houses hydrostatic pressure test tanks,

Looking ahead to 2020, the subsea industry will once again gather in electronic labs, advanced computer model- the U.K. for Oceanology International, but like the industry it serves, ing, prototyping systems and environmental the exhibition and conference has undergone many changeovers and test chambers. Its custom product develop- transitions. For one, it has been bought and sold, today owned and oper- ment partnerships with leading ROV manu- ated by Reed Exhibitions, a global behemoth in the exhibition space. It facturers foster new product designs in deep also outgrew its original home of Brighton, moving to the much larger, water camera technology, new LED lighting but decidedly ‘less homey’ con? nes of London. In fact the move to Lon- ideas and revolutionary sonar positioners don spurred the creation of a competing exhibition, Ocean Business, that are lightweight and accurate. held every two years in Southampton, England. It has grown its interna- tional footprint, with spin-off events in North America and China. But through all of the years and changes, Oi has retained the mantle of ‘big- gest’ and ‘best’. Oceanology International 2020, due to be staged (as is now customary) in the ExCel London, March 17-19, 2020.

To celebrate Oi’s 50th Anniversary, the publishers of Marine Tech- nology Reporter have been commissioned to publish a commemora- tive “Oi @ 50” anniversary magazine, ? lled with insightful subsea industry developments through the last ? ve decades. This edition will publish with the March 2020 edition of Marine Technology Re- porter, and distribute at the Oceanology International 2020 event in March 2020.


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