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on-the-water boat handling maneuvers. The Closed Con? gu- user-con? gurable area, providing drift vectors based on his- ration Lifeboat Simulator places coxswains in a cabin mod- torical movement. The system is also capable of ice drift pre- eled after the lifeboat that they would use in a real evacua- diction in open water using radar-based current analysis and tion. The full-motion bed replicates the sensation and force wind sensors. Also available from Rutter are two new capa- of being launched off an oil platform or off a cargo vessel, bilities for all of the company’s systems, Coastline Masks and subsequent movements replicate a lifeboat’s navigation and sigma S6 Connect. The automatic Coastline Masks fea- in varied sea states and extreme weather conditions. Virtual ture incorporates a world coastline map, eliminating false-

Marine also provides its Full Mission Lifeboat Simulator positive targets when operating near land, while sigma S6 which, like its Freefall Lifeboat Simulator, comes in both Connect makes all sigma S6 data available through a web

Open Con? guration and Closed Con? guration version, as interface using open standards to allow easy integration into well as a Motion Con? guration Lifeboat Simulator version external systems such as Google Earth Pro, GIS, and ice which brings together the realism of being in the lifeboat management systems that use industry-standard formats.

cabin and the sensation of movement directly replicating a lifeboat in sea states matching the emergency scenario the coxswain is experiencing. Running Drillship thrusters on Batteries Engineering and power systems solutions ? rm Aspin Kemp & Associates Inc (AKA) recently installed and tested energy

Advanced ice analysis for safer navigation storage systems (ESSs) for the transfer of power to thrusters

Rutter Inc. has made signi? cant additions to its sigma S6 on board Transocean’s drilling vessel Spitsbergen, marking

Ice Navigator marine radar advanced ice analysis system to the ? rst time that thrusters have been run directly from bat- enhance both image quality and navigational ability for safer teries on this type of vessel. AKA stated that the installa- navigation around and through sea ice or for use in scenarios tion demonstrated the safe use of lithium-ion batteries on an where enhanced situational awareness is required. The new offshore drilling rig and that it enables safer operation and additions to the sigma S6 Ice Navigator make it possible to increased reliability for station keeping, while also provid- identify ice ridges within ice ? oes and ? elds, and also to ing additional bene? ts in optimizing how the diesels are run, detect and identify icebergs embedded in pack ice, aiding thus saving fuel and reducing environmental impact.

navigators to identify the safest, most ef? cient route through AKA’s full scope of supply for the Spitsbergen Hybrid Sys- ice ? elds. The system can also outline open water leads, pro- tem includes the conversion to DP3 closed-bus operation viding real-time radar imagery to assist in route planning and the addition of 5.6 MW of hybrid power. The thrust- through dynamic ice environments. ers can operate completely independently of the main gen-

Complementing these new features are further enhance- erators and distribution system, thereby allowing the main ments to Rutter’s high resolution imaging system to improve generators to be fully optimized to the load and simultane- target tracking for small, faint ice targets amongst sea clut- ously reducing DP station-keeping risk. The drilling rig is ter. In addition, Rutter has introduced its next-generation ice currently in full operation while the retro? t is being carried radar, sigma S6 Ice Defence, making it possible to obtain out in Norway. AKA has already demonstrated its Hybrid additional tactical information for ice management systems. concept on the ? rst thrusters, the ESS transferring energy to sigma S6 Ice Defence includes all the features of the sigma a thruster for a short period of time and the on-site team is

S6 Ice Navigator, as well as unique new features targeted to- continuing its work with the commissioning of the remain- wards ice management operations that enable ice to be seen ing seven thrusters.

before a collision can occur. Floe detection takes place in a

Advanced ice analysis for safer navigation Running Drillship thrusters on Batteries

Photo: Rutter Inc.

Photo: Aspin Kemp & Associates

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