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deployment; IMCA class 2 ROV support; and an operations

New subsea survey and installation tech

PanGeo Subsea’s SBI SeaKite ROTV (remotely operated team comprised of ? ve or six PanGeo Subsea technical oper- towed vehicle) enables low-cost subsea survey operations atives, an ROV support team and a survey team. Launch and to be performed by acting as a multi-sensor platform that recovery methods are, however, vessel-dependent but are supports the company’s SBI high-resolution sub-bottom generally carried out via the vessel crane or A-Frame used in imager payload in addition to other sensors such as multi- conjunction with semi-customized launch and recovery aids beam, magnetometer and SSS (side scan sonar) instrumenta- supplied by PanGeo Subsea.

tion with 3D automated control of altitude and run-line via

EIVA ? ight software. PanGeo Subsea said that its SeaKite

Underwater data acquisition and analysis

ROTV technology provides signi? cant bene? ts in carrying out subsea survey operations including providing a more Kraken Robotics Inc. subsidiary, Kraken Robotic Systems, cost-effective platform in comparison to an ROV by requir- has been conditionally approved by Canada’s Ocean Super- ing a smaller vessel and fewer crew; having the capacity cluster to progress OceanVision, a three-year, $20 million for multiple co-located sensors to eliminate positional error project focused on the development of new marine technolo- across survey campaigns; providing survey ? exibility with gies and products to build an underwater robotics data acqui- operational speeds ranging from 0.5 to 4 knots, depending sition and data analytics service business, a turnkey service on the target; and enabling the acquisition of multi-sensor solution for ultra-high de? nition sea? oor imaging, mapping data sets in a single pass, thereby reducing survey time and and analytics, including simultaneous acquisition of ocean overall campaign cost. environmental and marine habitat data based on unmanned

One of the latest subsea survey technologies developed by maritime vehicles, advanced sensors, robotics, autonomous

PanGeo Subsea is the company’s Acoustic Corer, which is systems, big data machine learning and predictive analytics designed to investigate the sub-seabed and optimize offshore and allowing end-users to make more informed operational installation programs by ? lling the gap between current geo- decisions in real time.

physical and geotechnical site investigation methods by us- ing an acoustic core 12 meters in diameter penetrating up to

Lightweight ROVs for marine inspections 30 meters sub-seabed to provide images of geohazards such as boulders, gassy soils and unexploded ordnance (UXO), Marine-grade navigation products, ROV and marine soft- and delineate subsea stratigraphy including bedrock (chalk), ware solutions specialist MarineNav recently showcased its permafrost, gravel and cobble layers, and dipping slippage latest technologies and equipment serving defense, aquacul- planes and beds, while providing full soil characterization. ture, law enforcement and ? rst responder needs in marine

Typical projects in which the Acoustic Corer ? nds appli- operations. The company’s offerings include marine-grade cation are in offshore wind farm foundation, subsea oil & navigation components such as computers and displays; gas installation, rig relocation, ie. borehole replacement, and advanced vessel monitoring (AVM) and ? eet management in pro? ling excavated drilling centers. The technology can systems; and customizable industrial underwater remotely also be used in marine and mining archaeology projects for operated vehicles (ROVs). For its ROVs, MarineNav has de- deposit delineation, nodule detection and locating marine veloped units that are designed to enable quick and easy ex- artifacts. The operational support required when working change of interchangeable modular components. The com- with the Acoustic Corer include a 20-ton crane that is heave- pany said that with a range of optional plug-in accessories compensated in waters deeper than 100 meters used for its available, its ROV design is rugged and versatile and that

New subsea survey and installation tech Underwater data acquisition and analysis

Photo: Pangeo Subsea Inc.

Photo: Kraken Robotic Systems Inc.

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