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Sercel Underwater Acoustics

Sercel Underwater Acoustics de- • GeoTag: GeoTag is an acoustic velops and markets underwater data positioning system that has been transmission systems and marine designed to work with any ocean instrumentation for oceanographic bottom or transition zone seismic engineering, scienti? c community, equipment down to 500 meters military and oil & gas applications. deep.

Its products include underwater • QuietSea: QuietSea’s passive acoustic communication and posi- acoustic monitoring (PAM) sys- tioning systems, passive acoustic tem is designed to detect the pres- monitoring and marine mammal ence of marine mammals during detection systems, ocean bottom offshore operations. QuietSea pro- seismometers, mooring monitoring vides high marine mammal detec- beacons, acoustic transducers and tion capabilities in a wide frequen- hydrophones. Products designed by Sercel include: cy listening range that covers a large variety of vocalizing • MATS 3G: MATS 3G is an underwater acoustic modem cetacean species. that offers a single solution for all underwater communi- • BASM/BABS: Designed to retrieve a buoy in case of cation needs. Its DSP technology ensures long-range and mooring line break, BABS warns owners of line breakage reliable communication. MATS 3G’s use can range from by transmitting a signal to ARGOS satellites while BASM oceanographic applications to real-time monitoring by net- alerts of underwater equipment that may surface by trans- worked stations across vast instrumented ? elds. mitting through the same ARGOS satellite system.

Sea Machines Robotics

Boston, MA 02128

CEO/President: Michael G. Johnson

Sea Machines Robotics

Number of Employees: 30

Sea Machines is developing autonomous control and ad- and utility craft. The SM300 (available now), provides au- vanced perception systems for workboats and other com- tonomous and remote control operability for pre-planned, mercial vessels. Available for installation now, its autono- routine or predictable workboat tasks. This is ideal for mous-command and remote-control products are designed workboats, patrol and daughter craft. The SM400 (in de- to increase the safety, ef? ciency and performance of marine velopment) is an A.I.-powered situational awareness, using operations. Sea Machines also enables minimally manned computer vision, LiDAR and perception software; ideal for and unmanned autonomous operations, ideal when crews commercial and naval ships.

are unavailable or restricted. It has been a busy year for Sea Machines. They partnered

Founded in 2015, the company builds autonomous vessel with Hike Metal to Demonstrate Capabilities of Marine Au- software and systems, which increases the safety, ef? ciency tonomy during Search-and-Rescue Missions. Separately, and performance of ships, workboats and commercial sur- Sea Machines opened a new Technology Center in Boston. face vessels. In another important development, Sea Machines estab-

Sea Machines’ SM series of products includes the SM200 lished a Global Dealer Program and, just as importantly, (available now), an Industrial-grade, remote control naviga- raised $10 Million in Series A Funding to the ensure the tion capable of interfacing with pumps, winches and other growth and success of the ? rm’s already impressive array equipment. This is ideal for workboats, tugboats, ? reboats of technology and hardware.

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