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deep water oil and gas such as Jumper Laser Scan (VLS) and combining Ad-

Lindorm, Inc.

Buoyancy, Umbilical Buoyancy and vanced Photogrammetry & Laser Tech-

Buckle Mitigation Buoyancy. Finally, to niques. The company was founded in

Lindorm, Inc. is a private Florida cor-

January 2009, and has been carried out poration that in 2006 took over the ac- coincide with the offering of new prod- ucts, new capabilities have been added more than 500 3D projects since then. tivities of Erlingsson Sub-Aquatic Sur-

During the last 12 months, besides the veys. In 2018 it delivered the 4th-gen to the facility in the form of manufac-

Integrity Management applications SediMeter, and on May 15, 2019, it re- turing equipment, computer-aided engi- neering tools, and product and material (3D mapping of defects) the company leased a new instrument, SediTrans for has been developing the 3D As-Built sediment transport, which is a unique test equipment.

CAD modeling activity subsea and top- combination of sensors and hardware side, using operators, mini ROV(s) and that creates a versatile instrument that

Digital Edge Subsea drones, literally “from seabed to space”. measures turbidity, currents, waves, and depth, but can also be used for accelera-

Hydromea tion, vibration, magnetic feld, fuores- cence, light, and temperature.

Hydromea developed an ultra-slim (15 mm thickness) rim-driven brushless

LYYN AB thruster with integrated motor control.

The hubless propeller prevents it from

LYYN AB has a unique tech for video getting tangled. The patented design is enhancement in real time. In the subsea pressure-proof without seals, hydro-lu- segment LYYN helps provide a clearer bricated and oil free. Its thin size makes visibility in turbid waters and princi-

Digital Edge Subsea supplies the oil it ideal for low-drag vertical stabiliza- pally being used in ROV’s or by divers. and gas industry with digital video re- tion thrusters, as well as small vehicles LYYN technology is also used in marine cording inspection system, the EdgeD- where space is limited. The integrated applications above water in order to im-

VR. During 2019 the company has been motor controller uses advanced sinu- prove visibility during fog, rain, haze developing the next-gen of digital re- and smoke. LYYN’s analogue technol- cording equipment, which are due for ogy has this year been complemented release Q3 2019. The software will now with products for digital video. It now have three levels: EdgeLite, Edge and also offers products which are compat-

EdgePro. With regards to the hardware, ible with full HD video. The new digi- the company will also have three main tal Integration Kit is small, the size of a types, Standard Defnition, High Defni- business card, in order to facilitate inte- tion and our frst 4K system. The addi- gration in camera housings. tion of a 4K(UHD) model is a refection

Hydromea of the latest technology that is now be-

NOVACAVI ing used on some of the latest ROV and soidal drive algorithms to improve ef- diving systems. fciency and smooth operation. Precise

Novacavi, is a specialist in cable de-

Later in 2019 the company plans to and fast speed control enables accurate sign and manufacturing since 1975 with launch EdgeLive, a subscription-based attitude control of the submarine. The a sound experience in ROV tethers and live remote monitoring service. patented design allows it to use hub-less umbilical custom cables feasible on propellers that are not affected by foat- any conceivable confguration. Nova- ing debris such as pieces of water plants

DimEye Corp.

cavi offers prototyping development, or ropes. Propellers can be exchanged low volume & high mix production of

DimEye has developed a unique 3D quickly without special tools. ft for purpose cables for underwater or

Subsea Survey Technology called Video Hydromea also offers wireless opti- water-based environments. Its technical cal nodes for through-water high-speed team can deal with increased workload, wireless communication with extremely strength and lift capacity or higher fex- good power effciency. Finally, its por- ibility and size and weight reduction, table swarm-capable drones can carry torque balance construction, positive a multitude of environmental sensors or negative or neutral buoyancy, water through the water column and produce a tightness, deeper depth, enhanced en- 3D mapping of an area with unmatched vironmental risks, longer deployable detail in a fraction of the time it takes single length. today with traditional technologies.

DimEye Digital Edge Subsea

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