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Turner Design

AXSUB Inc. is a supplier for the commercial diving, hy-

San Jose, Calif.

perbaric, S&R and military, with its systems used for video

President/CEO: James Crawford recording and continuous real time depth monitoring system (DMS) for commercial divers.

Its ? agship product is the AxVIEW 2V-RM, designed for

Turner Designs recently introduced C-FLUOR, a family commercial diving operations. When used with a computer, of sensors designed with customer requirements for ex- it is designed to enable video recording and numeric depth tended deployments in mind. Power is one of the de? ning meter connectivity which will transform the AxVIEW into a determinations for how long sensors can be deployed in Diver Control platform. This is the second generation of its the ? eld. Long-term deployments often get their power Diving Data Management System (AxDDM) that is design from limited sources such as batteries, the sun, or wind. for a typical rackmount installation available as a 1, 2, 3 or

Reducing power requirements of sensors can greatly in- 4-diver system. crease their usability. The C-FLUOR family of single-

Deep Trekker wavelength in situ ? uorescence and turbidity sensors have ultra-low power requirements of a maximum of 12mA current at 12VDC input. Fast response times of T99 < 0.6 The Deep Trekker Revolution seconds further reduce the sensors’ power requirements. ROV is engineered with carbon

Coupling low power with anti-corrosion measures such as ? ber and stainless steel, a more titanium construction enables the sensors to be deployed powerful and better equipped for extended periods of time. Providing multiple ? uores- ROV with auto-stabilization, cence & turbidity sensors wireless connectivity, aug-

Deep Trekker for long term deployments mented recording capabilities enables studies of HABs, and 4K Ultra HD video resolution. Deep Trekker Revolution

Dye Tracing, Wastewater is based on an automated station holding, allowing the cam- monitoring, Oil Detection, era, sonar and manipulator arm to rotate a full 260 degrees and general environmental for advanced situational awareness and ? exibility. It can be research. Pin-compatible remotely controlled to depths of 305 meters underwater. The with our Cyclops Sensors, vehicle’s manipulator arm has a close strength of 70 lbs and

C-FLUOR can be easily the ROV tether can pull up to 300 lbs to the surface. Deep integrated into many of the Trekker Revolution is designed to detect and locate objects same third-party systems. hidden beneath the water, assist divers and safely conduct un- derwater inspections in harsh environments. Coupled with the

The Tech driving force of BRIDGE, Deep Trekker Revolution provides

Turner Designs special- advanced stability in underwater environments.

Turner Design izes in ? uorometers and turbidimeters as it has for

DeepWater Buoyancy more than 47 years. The company offers multiple con- ? gurations using its modular optics: in-situ sensors such

DeepWater Buoyancy sup- as C3, C6P, Cyclops Integrator, Cyclops-7F, Cyclops-6k, plies subsea buoyancy to the

Turbidity Plus, PhytoFind, and C-FLUOR; handheld and ocean science community and portable instruments such as AquaFluor, CyanoFluor, provides products to all off-

AquaFlash, and Ballast-Check 2; inline sensors such as shore, subsea markets. In the

Enviro-T2; and laboratory instruments such as Trilogy. last 12 months the company

It has standard optical con? gurations for in vivo and ex- has been working to a strate-

DeepWater Buoyancy tracted chlorophyll; blue-green algal pigments such as gic plan to grow its capabili- phycocyanin and phycoerythrin; active ? uorescence for ties, including QSHE, products and processes. Quality and determining photosynthetic ef? ciency; dissolved organic

Health and Safety have always been in important to Deep- matter; optical brighteners and tryptophan for wastewater

Water Buoyancy and the state-of-the-art practices of these monitoring; dye tracers; crude and re? ned oils as well as disciplines are ingrained in its culture. In the past year, the infrared wavelengths used to detect turbidity. The com- company has validated those practices by third parties. In ad- pany’s modularity also makes it relatively easy for us to dition to continued product development in the existing line, provide custom optical con? gurations.

new products added to the product line include solutions for

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