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TE Connectivity

El Cajon, CA

President/CEO: Terrence Curtin

TE’s SEACON portfolio includes more than 2500 underwater and ? ber-optic connectors, and complete connectivity systems to give a wide range of advanced connectivity options. The portfolio includes not only


SEACON products, but DEUTSCH connectors, Roch- ester engineered cables and TE sensors. TE’s electronic

RTSYS components have helped keep commercial vessels, off- shore platforms and marine applications productive, safe

Caudan, Brittany, France and dependable for more than half a century.

President/CEO: Mr Vidal dos Santos Teixeira

SEACON was welcomed into the TE Connectivity fam-

No. of Employees: 40 ily in 2014. TE’s range of SEACON products include electrical dry-mate, wet-mate, and ? ber-optic hybrid con- nectors suitable for many subsea applications including oil and gas, alternate energies, military, remotely oper- ated vehicles (ROV) / autonomous underwater vehicles

Created in 2010, RTsys is a fast-growing company with (AUV), environmental, and oceanographic, including ex- more than 40 employees serving both civil (scienti? c ploration and survey. TE’s DEUTSCH high density opti- studies, offshore works, ect.) and defense clients. For the cal in-line dry-mate connector is a multichannel ? ber op- defense market RTsys has on staff several ex-marine of- tic connector developed from reliable high pressure/high ? cers that today serve as project managers, answering na- temperature (HP/HT) technology backed by more than val needs worldwide. Its core technology SDA (Synchro- 30 years of performance in the ? eld. This connector was nous Data Acquisition) motherboard is embarked on each designed with size and bulk restrictions in mind, making of its products to make them long-lasting and reliable, be it suitable for harsh marine applications that need maxi- it recorders and buoys, sonar systems or AUVs.

mum weight and space savings. The high density in-line

Amongst other products, RTsys developed a new micro- connectors offer a cost-effective solution for multichan-

AUV which is less than 1 meter long called NemoSens. nel ? ber optic management, packing 12 to 24 ? ber optic

Light and cost-effective NemoSens is easy to carry and channels (FO) in stand versions and up to 48 FO upon deploy thanks to an open Linux architecture allowing any request. With operating temperatures between minus 30 payload to be embarked on it. It can last up to 8 hours at 4 and 121 degrees Celsius using the HT ? ber, and bulkhead knots and speed up to 8 knots to achieve various missions receptacles that are rated to withstand 450 bar (6,536 psi) such as seabed mapping, offshore structures diagnosis or of differential pressure, this connector maintains stable environmental monitoring (up to 300 meters depth). Ne- performance during strain and temperature monitoring. moSens can navigate in swarm for bigger missions (up to

Low insertion loss and back re? ection (= negative 45dB) 7 in a row) using acoustics.

are achieved using angled physical contacts. In addition, the system maintains integrity in the face of ? ooding due

The Tech to a dual sealing bulkhead receptacle.

Thanks to its core SDA technology, RTsys products all have very neat acoustic and data rendering and can be divided into three categories : • AUV (micro-AUV NemoSens; COMET AUV used for

Mine countermeasures and seabed mapping; SEMA Tar- get AUV used for Antisubmarine Warfare training); • Sonar Systems (handheld sonar for divers SonaD- ive; sonar retro? t system AS3I; sonar calibration system

SIERA); • Underwater recorders (Passive acoustic monitoring; subsea stations with sensors) and buoys (real-time acous- tic monitoring).

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