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Totnes, Devon, UK

President/CEO: Matthew Quartley

With a heritage dating back over observations can be monitored 50 years, Valeport designs and and recorded for surveys for up

No. of Employees: 94 manufactures oceanographic and to three days continuous opera- hydrographic instruments, provid- tion. These sensors combine all ing marine sensing and monitor- you need to carry out survey grade ing solutions. The company, which Sound Velocity, Salinity, Density, started by making instruments for CTD and optical pro? les up to measuring the speed of water in London’s River Thames, 200 meters, in a single instrument. Valeport will also expand today has a comprehensive portfolio of underwater measur- its premises on the River Dart (UK) to 40,000 sq. ft.

ing equipment and supplies a worldwide customer base that includes: environmental, defense, oil and gas, renewable en- The Tech: ergy, construction, port/harbor, dredging, civil engineering More than 50 years of engineering and production excel- and scienti? c research sectors. Based in the UK, the privately lence is built in to every Valeport product. Valeport’s Re- owned, independent family business has a £8.5m turnover. search & Development is renowned for developing ground

It has global sales network and last year the company ex- breaking technologies. ported around 80% of its products directly and at least half Valeport developed the Digital Time of Flight Sound Veloc- of the remainder is sold to UK of? ces of multinational com- ity measurement – which made Valeport a leader in Sound panies, or as OEM to other British exporting companies, so Velocity technology. This position has been achieved by both approaching 90% of production ends up overseas. innovative development and meticulous attention to detail

Valeport launched a new Environmental range of optical throughout the design, manufacture and especially the cali- sensors at Ocean Business 2019 including: Hyperion Turbid- bration processes. Having been at the forefront of this ? eld ity – the ? rst turbidity sensor combining Nephelometer and for more than a decade with their Digital Time of Flight tech-

OBS readings in such a compact size. Created for inshore, nology, Valeport continues to evolve the technology to rein- coastal and oceanographic monitoring, this sensor delivers force that position, ensuring that Valeport SV sensors offer a minimum detection level of 0.03 NTU (nephelometer) and levels of performance that are demonstrably far in excess of can measure turbidity up to 6,000 NTU (OBS). competitors, including:

The titanium housing, data output up to 16Hz and low pow- • Genuine Accuracy of ±0.02m/s (Total Error Budget) er requirements ensures it can be placed in situ for extended • Precision (peak to peak noise) of ±0.002m/s periods with easy access to highly accurate data. SWiFTplus • Operating range of 1375m/s to 1900m/s (covering all

Fluorometer – the combined power of SWiFT technology environments from fresh water to the Dead Sea and the Mari- and a ? uorometer for the high performance measurement anas Trench) of Chlorophyll a, Fluorescein, Rhodamine or Phycocyanin. • Data rates up to 60Hz (instrument dependent)

Compact and robust, the suite of instruments are ideal for This year Valeport introduced Environmental range of optical shallow water bathymetric and environmental survey, where sensors, the Hyperion Turbidity and SWiFTplusFluorometer.

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