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All photos: Teledyne Marine also carried a third party Side Scan So- • Benthos acoustic modems for com- of which specialize in mooring design nar, INS, and camera and strobe system. munications and USBL for vehicle and installation, for true one stop shop-

The integration of Teledyne Marine’s tracking; ping.

leading vehicle design, instrumenta- • RDI Conductivity, Temperature and Teledyne’s mooring technologies in- tion, imaging, and interconnect solutions Depth (CTD) sensors for speed of sound clude: from a single supplier, as well as the in- calculations; • RD Instruments Acoustic Dop- corporation of third party sensors into a • TSS compact pipe and cable track- pler Current Pro? lers (ADCPs) for turnkey package for customers, makes ing capabilities; shallow to deep water mooring instal- the company unique in the unmanned • A full suite of custom and standard lations, including RDI’s new next-gen, underwater vehicle market. interconnect and cable solutions. deep water Pinnacle ADCP, boasting the

And now, via Teledyne’s emerging longest pro? ling range in the industry,

Out? tting an ROV project UNITY, Teledyne Marine is tak- as well as RDI’s short range DVS for

From inspection to work class ROVs, ing the power of these sensors to the next boundary measurements, and Citadel the Teledyne Marine companies have a level by creating a fully integrated, easy CTDs for conductivity, temperature and long history of supplying critical sen- to operate, GUI to enhance and simplify depth measurements sors and systems to out? t and empower ROV operations. With UNITY, opera- • Benthos acoustic modems for reli-

ROV platforms of all shapes and sizes. tors can quickly and easily manage their able wireless data transmission from the

Collectively, Teledyne Marine’s offer- vehicle’s tracking, positioning, and navi- mooring to the surface for data download ings allow customers and manufactur- gation systems all via a single, powerful from ship of opportunity or transmission ers the convenience, cost-savings, and interface. via a satellite link to shore.

interoperability of securing a full suite • Benthos glass-housings to house of leading-edge technology, all from a De? ning deep-water moorings instrumentation and/or relieve danger- single entity. Similar to ROVs, Teledyne Marine ous mooring strain.

Teledyne Marine’s ROV payload op- offers a full suite of sensors and instru- • Benthos acoustic releases to en- tions include: mentation to ensure customers collect, sure mooring/data retrieval. And now, • RDI DVLs and TSS Inertial Navi- transmit, and retrieve high quality data via a GNSS upgrade to the topside unit, gation Systems (INS) for precision sub- – every time. Scientists now have the users can survey in their moorings, for sea navigation and station keeping; ability to acquire the industry’s leading fast and easy mooring relocation and re- • BlueView imaging sonars and RE- ocean observation products all from a covery.

SON multibeam sonars for inspection single source, allowing for stream-lined • Webb Research gliders can also be and mapping; logistics and ef? cient and effective proj- incorporated for mooring data down- • Bowtech cameras and lights for ect management. load, or to replace or supplement moor- clear underwater vision and high-res Teledyne also partners with several ex- ings as a highly effective long-range, video and images; perienced mooring engineering ? rms, all long-duration ocean observation tool.

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