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Deep Ocean Engineering

San Jose, Calif.

President/CEO: Mike Takeda - GM

No. of Employees: 15

Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. is a technology-based engineering and manufacturing company that provides integrated robotic solutions for various underwater ap-

Detyens plications in harsh and diverse operating environments.

Deep Ocean designs, builds and tests its remotely oper- ated vehicles (ROVs) from its plant in California. Deep

Detyens Shipyards

Ocean has been in operation for over 30 years and has sold more than 600 ROV systems in more than 30 coun-

North Charleston, SC tries. It’s ROV systems have been used in a broad range

CEO/President: D. Loy Stewart. Jr.

of industry applications - military, security, salvage, long

Number of Employees: 345 tunnel and pipeline inspection, customs, nuclear and hy- droelectric power plants, dams and lakes, offshore oil and gas servicing, scienti? c research and education, ? sheries and broadcast ? lming. As part of Deep Ocean’s efforts to bring the latest technology to the market, the company

As one of the major commercial ship repair yards on the recently diversi? ed its product line with the introduction

US Southeast Coast, Detyens Shipyards is perfectly posi- of a light work-class ROV for deeper offshore tasks and tioned to service both blue water and brown water ? eets. redesigned our USVs.

The ? rm’s location in the deep water port of Charleston,

In the past year, it advanced its technology through re-

South Carolina offers deep draft repair berths, graving designing the Phantom I-1650 and H-1750 USVs for ef- and ? oating dry docks along with all the services you ? cient surface surveys, as well as the Phantom S-Series would come to ? nd at any modern ship repair facility.

ROV, and introducing a new light work-class ROV called

Celebrating over 50 years of service to the maritime the Phantom X8.

community, Detyens Shipyards, Inc., located in the his-

In addition to its own mechanical and electronics fab- toric city of Charleston, South Carolina is busy build- rication, assembly and machine shop, Deep Ocean con- ing a tradition of quality workmanship at a reasonable tinues to work closely with its suppliers and outside fab- price. Family owned and operated since its inception, the ricators to achieve product delivery on a best value and company has continually emphasized customer service, timely basis. Deep Ocean also designs and manufactures family values and safety in the workplace. Hard work, ancillary equipment, including manipulators, cable cut- dedication and the goal to provide economical ship re- ters, cable reels (manual and powered) and various other pair services is the benchmark behind the Detyens Ship- tools. Deep Ocean works closely with most third-party yards Creed, “Customer before Company, Employee be- tooling and electronic equipment manufacturers to ensure fore Owner, Family before Self, and Safety Above All.” that its ROVs and USVs can accommodate the necessary

Speci? cally, Detyens Shipyards facility offers three (3) components to get the job done. graving docks and with a capacity of up to Panamax. In addition to the docks, the facility also offers modern, en- closed shops for all crafts; eight 56-ton gantry cranes (on a continuous rail system); four tower cranes; rail access and over 8,000 feet of deepwater pier space and a ? oating dry dock for smaller vessels. Detyens Shipyards contin- ues to increase its capacity with modern equipment and facility upgrades.

Recently completed repair/conversion work includes no less than USNS hulls and projects as well as work for

McAlister, Vane Brothers, Bouchard and myriad dredge assignments.

Deep Ocean Engineering

July/August 2019

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