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General Dynamics Mission Systems

Quincy, Mass., President CEO: Chris Brady

No. of Employees: 13,400 n-robotics

General Dynamics Mission Systems is an innovator of open The Tech architecture and mission integration to meet the most demand- In October 2018, General Dynamics Mission Systems ing operational requirements on any platform in the multi- launched the redesigned Blue? n-9, a two-man portable, small- domain operational arenas – from the outer reaches of space class UUV to provide leading data quality and area coverage to the sea ? oor. In 2016 General Dynamics acquired the un- rate (ACR) in an easy to operate, two-man portable solution. manned underwater vehicle (UUV) provider, Blue? n Robotics, Featuring a full carbon ? ber body, an integrated suite of sen- to extend the integration of high consequence solutions to the sors, latest generation communications and navigational com- unmanned undersea space. The integration of Blue? n Robotics ponents, and new onboard processing capabilities, the Blue? n-9 transitioned more than 20 years of UUV development and sus- is the professional’s tool to know what’s below. Blue? n-9’s tainment experience into the larger General Dynamics portfo- integrated Sonardyne Solstice multi-aperture side scan sonar lio. General Dynamics has focused continued investment and delivers a 200-meter swath range and ultra-high, along-track development of Blue? n Robotics products, developing lead- resolution of 0.15°. Advanced on-board data processing offers ing edge UUV platforms across multiple size-classes, sensor operators access to processed high resolution sonar and camera and payload integration, and the delivery of next-generation data that is ready for post-mission analysis, reducing time to vehicles that explore, inform, and protect our assets and the en- action. The Blue? n-9 provides precise navigation (0.3% D.T. vironment. The General Dynamics family of Blue? n Robotics CEP 50) and accurate, geo-referenced data by incorporating products consists of autonomous UUVs and related technolo- a high-performance Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and Inertial gies for defense, commercial and scienti? c customers world- Navigation System (INS). The Blue? n-9 allows swapping of wide. We offer a full range of modular, free-? ooded the 1.9 kWh battery and 1TB Removable Data Storage Module

UUV platforms and products, including more than 70 dif- (RDSM) and redeployment in 30 minutes or less. The modu- ferent sensors on more than 100 vehicles. General Dynam- lar, free-? ooded architecture eases in-? eld maintenance and ics Blue? n Robotics uses a “system of systems” approach to minimizes operational down-time. Designed for launch and expand UUV capabilities from task-oriented to mission-based recovery with Rigid Hull In? atable Boats (RHIBs) in mind, the integrations. Its open-architecture approach uses the best avail- Blue? n-9 can be deployed and recovered by operators over the able technology to deliver mission-ready products. gunnel in a matter of seconds.

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