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Copyright Joshua Vele Fonseca/CDF; Courtesy VideoRay

VideoRay’s Mission Specialist technology, ? rst available to set VideoRay apart.

in the Defender, now powers the new Pro 5 system. Mission

Specialist systems are used for demanding missions across The Tech industries like defense, oil & gas, wind, civil inspection, Mission Specialist technology is based on modular com- aquaculture, science and research, and is optimized for per- ponents providing unrivaled ? exibility. The largest and most formance, size, weight, payload and deployment speed. powerful Mission Specialist con? guration, the Defender, is

VideoRay delivered its ? rst ROV in 2000, and has since be- optimized for precise control, heavier payloads, lifting, and come a leader of inspection-class ROVs. VideoRay underwa- specialized operations. The most portable, the Pro 5, has sim- ter robots help prevent terrorism, ? nd and retrieve objects, ilar advantages but is smaller. Mission Specialist Technology inspect infrastructure both inland and offshore, and keep div- is unique in the ability to add new sensors and accessories ers safe from hazardous conditions. As VideoRay innovates from a very wide range of manufacturers, as it supports a with new designs and capabilities, its ROVs assist in increas- wide range of power and communications options.

ingly challenging situations and environments; Owners have VideoRay Mission Specialist technology delivers several learned to trust them to perform in their most demanding mis- innovative capabilities – power ef? ciency, minimal weight, sions. The hallmarks of VideoRay systems are ruggedness, a stable but extremely agile vehicle platform, a small opera- reliability, portability, ease of use, and integration with a wide tional footprint, multiple recon? gurable sensor and payload range of sensors and tools available for inspection-class ve- options, and in? nite endurance afforded by ef? cient topside hicles. power delivery. Standard VideoRay Mission Specialist ROV

A global company, VideoRay specializes in just one niche modules include cameras with a wide range of resolutions, – one-man portable, reliable underwater systems. VideoRay’s bright and ef? cient LED lighting, and powerful thrusters ca- ? rst-class customer service has propelled it to dominance in pable of up to one horsepower. There is a very wide range inspection-class (ROVs.) Users from the U.S. Navy to aqua- of accessories and instruments, including manipulators, posi- culture farmers in remote areas of the world know that they tioning and navigation systems, radiation sensors, water qual- can depend on VideoRay’s durability and reliability – and ity, metal thickness, imaging and multibeam sonars. Options when something goes wrong – an expert voice on the phone include purpose-built frames customized around the payload with advice and a solution. While there are less expensive, requirements of the operator’s chosen sensor and tooling less powerful systems increasingly available, this continues package.

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