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Completely new modes of operation are entering the underwater domain for oil and gas operations and the tools that are being used could also be used across the ocean space. It’s been called a subsea space race – and it is a little like a

Mars mission, with similar communications challenges and questions around power supplies. Various players are working to make it happen. The idea is to have subsea resident vehicles, eliminating the need for manned surface ves- sels and the limitations on launch and recovery posed by bad weather.

Elaine Maslin takes a look at ? ve companies operating in this space.

manager. So engineer Lars Gunnar Hodnefjell worked on a

Blue Logic: A new era lighter version - 7.5kg in fact (improving the world record by

One is Blue Logic, based near Stavanger in Norway. While 50% weight reduction) using titanium and plastic – producing it’s not the only

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