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W. Wareham, Mass.

President/CEO: R. Jablonski

No. of Employees: 100


EdgeTech develops, manufactures, sells and supports un- of the EdgeTech sub-bottom pro? ler product line, the new derwater technology solutions including side scan sonars, EdgeTech 3400 provides users many enhancements to cur- sub-bottom pro? lers, bathymetry systems, USBL acoustic rent sub-bottom pro? ler systems. The system generates high tracking and positioning systems, transponder beacons, deep resolution images of the sub-bottom stratigraphy in oceans, sea acoustic releases, shallow water and long life acoustic lakes, and rivers and provides excellent penetration in vari- releases, underwater acoustic command and control systems ous bottom types. The EdgeTech 3400 comes in a dual 2-16 and custom-engineered acoustic products. The company kHz transducer con? guration. The tow? sh is con? gured with traces its history back to 1965 when it started out as a division new PVDF receiver arrays segmented for standard sub-bot- of EG&G Marine Instruments. In 1995, EdgeTech became a tom pro? ling operations or a unique “pipeliner” mode for private company and selected its name in part to honor the optimal location and imaging of buried pipelines.

late Dr. Edgerton, an MIT professor, marine instrumentation pioneer and a founder of EG&G. In 2012 ORE Offshore, a The Tech provider of acoustic releases, transponders and USBL sys- The new 6205s is the only shallow water wide swath ba- tems, adopted the EdgeTech name after more than 10 years thymetry system to now offer EdgeTech’s motion tolerant operating as an af? liate organization within the company. In side scan sonar feature for operation in more adverse weath- 2018 EdgeTech announced a number of new products and er conditions. The EdgeTech 6205s is a fully integrated boat/ the company has been busy ? elding those new and innova- pole-mounted Swath Bathymetry and Dual Frequency Side tive solutions throughout 2019. New systems include side Scan Sonar System that produces real time, high resolution, scan sonars, sub-bottom pro? lers, bathymetry systems, com- side scan imagery and 3D maps of the sea? oor. EdgeTech’s bined sonar systems and acoustic releases. new combined sonar platform is the 2300 system. This deep-

In the side scan sonar product group, the new 4205 began water system integrates the highly successful line of side shipping in 2019. It is available in either a tri-frequency side scan sonars, sub-bottom pro? lers and (optional) MPES ba- scan sonar con? guration or motion tolerant and multi-pulse thymetry into one fully integrated 2,000-meter rated system. con? guration. The tri-frequency version allows surveyors In the acoustic release line, EdgeTech recently introduced the option to operate any two frequencies simultaneously the Ropeless Fishing System with embedded acoustic re- from the tri-frequency system. The 4205 motion tolerant lease technology developed to eliminate vertical lines con- con? guration with multi-pulse provides surveyors the abil- necting a surface buoy to bottom ? shing gear. The system ity to operate either at faster survey speeds or in more ad- was designed from the ground up with the intent of alleviat- verse weather conditions while still obtaining high quality ing possible whale entanglement and other negative effects underwater imagery. Building on the long running success of sea? oor-to-surface ? shing and trap lines.

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