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Systems, Inc.

Richmond, Vermont,

President/CEO: Ben Kinnaman

No. of Employees: 23

Greensea Systems, Inc. is a leader in advanced robotic systems for high-level tasking, interoperability, and interven- tion. Greensea’s OPENSEA operating platform provides a fully distributed, open software framework for highly integrated systems across all brands of sensors, devices, and equipment while

Greensea Systems cutting-edge technologies for naviga- tion and autonomy elevate system in- “A Breakthrough Year …” ed as a way for developers and OEMs to telligence. One cohesive operator inter- 2018 has been a year of breakthroughs further their development process faster. face, Workspace, fuses system data into and advancements for Greensea Sys- Houston Mechatronics, Kraken, and a comprehensive command and control tems, all based on the continued inte- Seatronics have adopted the OPENSEA center for streamlined work? ow and gration of OPENSEA as a platform for platform.

improved productivity. Greensea’s com- easy and cost-effective development of mercial products are customizable and marine robotics. The highlights: The Tech all are fully supported with documenta- • Development of ACOMMS subsea Greensea’s core technology, OPEN- tion and ? eld-experienced engineers.

texting accessory for the RNAV2. The SEA, is designed to reduce cost, re-

ACOMMS accessory enables combat duce risk, and accelerate technology

Core competencies include: divers using the RNAV2 to text, share insertion within the marine industry. Its • Interoperability, intervention, and data, and track team members/other sub- library-based, open architecture is fully high-level tasking for advanced robotic merged assets within a 2km radius. distributed and includes the interfaces systems • EOD Workspace released. Built upon and utilities essential to robotics and the • Full & supervised autonomy for sur-

OPENSEA, EOD Workspace provides unmanned systems community includ- face, subsea, and diver vehicles includ- vehicle and sensor agnostic navigation, ing navigation, autonomy, and mission ing over-the horizon communications control, and workspace for ever smaller planning. New vehicles, equipment, and • Systems integration and payload man-

ROVs (like VideoRay’s Mission Special- devices are easily integrated, minimiz- agement ist series or Seabotix vLBV). ing risk and expense, by leveraging the • Simultaneous Localization and Map- • SBIR/STTR Phase 1 funding to devel- OPENSEA library which con? nes new ping (SLAM) op an Autonomous Hull Grooming Ve- software to small, independent applica- • SWaP-C optimized navigation custom- hicle. This is based on the development tions that are separate from proven, ro- ized by application for heightened accu- of a multi-modal aided Inertial Naviga- bust software. Deriving from the OPEN- racy.

tion System (INS) speci? cally for hull- SEA library, the OPENSEA application relative orientation, localization, and suite provides hundreds of distributed

Differentiators include: navigation combined with a proven au- independent applications that work to- • Open, modular, brand-agnostic tech- tonomous control architecture for minia- gether as building blocks for a complete nologies ture water-borne robots and an intuitive system. • Proprietary Extended Kalman Filter mission-planning, quality assurance, and These applications communicate with and patent-pending heading algorithms visualization Human Machine Interface each other through the OPENSEA net- • 800+ systems ? elded across manned, (HMI) for supervising the hull grooming work and provide discrete capabilities unmanned, surface, and subsea robot. required to integrate a system that is • Navigation and control • OPENSEA is becoming widely accept- scalable, ? exible, and severable.

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