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vehicle conducts automated inspections

Houston and surveys common in the ROV and

AUV service industries. The vehicle

Mechatronics is currently undergoing sea trials and a commercial service will launch in 2020.

Houston Mechatronics is also launch-

Houston Mechatronics is a vertically ing a workclass all electric ROV arm in integrated service provider that is com-

Q4 2019. The 7 DOF arm is designed mitted to innovating and delivering to lift 275 kg at full extension and will world class robotics in both oil and gas feature safety and automation systems and defense. It builds and uses robots similar to what Aquanaut uses today. on land and at sea that are revolution-

The Olympic arm will afford users all izing the way over the horizon autono- the strength of a hydraulic arm and all mous work is done. Aquanaut is its the accuracy, precision, and automation transforming tetherless AUV/ROV. The of a cartesian controlled electric arm.

Houston Mechatronics sounding depth of 240m and has a maxi- user’s subscription), RTK via base sta-

Picotech mum swath width of 408m. Its features tion with optional UHF modem, optional include a PicoMB-120 Multibeam with mounting points for tracking prisms and

Picotech Ltd. launched PicoPOD, a Integrated Applanix POS MV, Windows an optional Lidar. PicoPODs have been turnkey multibeam package for USVs 10 IoT Embedded PC, Valeport UltraSV, deployed in the U.K., U.S., Japan and and small survey vessels with a very a hydrodynamic enclosure plus optional Italy for hydrographic survey of ports, extension wings for larger USVs, built tidal barriers, rivers, tailing ponds, SAR simple mechanical interface. It is sup- ported by industry standard acquisition in support for RTK via VRS Now (with and multibeam training courses.

and processing software and is ideal for use in surveying ports, harbors, tidal barriers, bridge footings, dams and reservoirs. CEO Allan Willcox said, “We’re very excited about unveiling our

PicoPOD which is built on the back of a decade of research and product de- velopment. Combined with a small

COTS USV, such as Sea? oor Systems’

HyDrone USV, PicoPOD is the only man-portable multibeam USV on the market.” Picotech Ltd. aims to see its ‘low-power, low-cost’ multibeam sonar systems reach new sectors in the mar- ket. The PicoPOD system operates to a


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