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SubSeaSail strated that it can sail above or below SubSeaSail was founded in 2017. the water and, while on the surface, The business model includes sales, could perform missions such as de- leasing, service and SaaS. The SSS ploying and/or recharging unmanned team consists of the following person- aerial systems or to deliver cargo with- nel: Managing Partner Michael Jones, out need for a deep-water port. The Founder of The Maritime Alliance

Gen5(S) variation is designed to sink and listed in MTR’s “Top 10 Ocean to 10m to avoid bad actors, bad weath- In? uencers: for 2018”; Partner Chris er, or ship traf? c. Systems are being Todter, the Technical Director/Design developed with various solar panel Coordinator for seven America’s Cup con? gurations to maximize power campaigns including winning with the generation or stealth. Applications are Oracle Trimaran in 2010 and an exten- broad and include ASW, C4ISR, cargo sive patent holder; Partner Mark Ott, a re-positioning and delivery, communi- founder/CTO of three marine robotics cations gateways, mine delivery/coun- companies and 22 years’ experience ter measures, ocean sensing, protec- in marine technologies; and Director tion of exclusive economic zones and of Business Development Sean New- marine protected areas, targets and de- some, with 20+ years of successful coys, UUV delivery/launch/landing/ BD experience in unmanned systems recharging, and UXO detection. and sensors.

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