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Forum Subsea Technologies

Forum Subsea Technologies’ launched

XLe Spirit, the ? rst observation-class

ROV to use Forum’s Integrated Control

Engine (ICE) to bring greater function- ality commonly only found in larger work-class vehicles. The control elec- tronics pod ? tted to all Forum XLe ob- servation class vehicles enables superior connectivity and expansion capabilities when compared with other ROV’s on the market. Ethernet interfacing allows for seamless integration with other industry sensors using common IP architecture and ease of remote data transfer.

“As the subsea market continues to re- cover from a sustained downturn, cost ef- ? ciency is high on the agenda for the in- dustry,” said Kevin Taylor, VP of Subsea,

Forum. “Forum recognized the opportu- nity to apply our leading software to a more compact vehicle to enhance capa- bilities and meet the changing demands of the sector. “By utilizing the same sys- tem across all vehicles, pilots only have one interface to learn as the skills are transferrable between the smallest obser- vation vehicle and the largest trenchers.

This means training can concentrate on operational tasks opposed to control sys- tems, providing further ef? ciencies.”

The XLe Spirit incorporates a num- ber of features to maximize its stability for use as a sensor platform, including regulated propulsion power, optimized thruster orientation and location, accu- rate thruster speed control and a wide range of auto-functions for positioning and ? ying. The XLe Spirit completed a 12-week test program at Forum’s test tank in Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire, and was sent for sea trials in the ? rst quarter of 2019.

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