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Chelsea Technologies

West Molesey, Surrey, UK

President/CEO: Elizabeth Paull

No. of Employees: 40

Sea Sentry, Chelsea Technologies’ wash water monitor, has increased its sales in

Balmoral Offshore Engineering response to the imminent imposition of the IMO 2020 Sulfur Cap regulations. Ini-

Balmoral Offshore Engineering tial sales of the product were to European manufacturers but Chelsea is now a major

Aberdeen, UK exporter to markets in the Far East, includ-

President/CEO: Jim Milne ing China, Korea and Japan. Also, FastBal- last, is a technology leader in the supply of

No. of Employees: 500 compliance testing of treated ballast water.

During 2018/19 sales have begun to Port

Established in 1980 by chairman and managing director, Jim Milne

Authorities, ship owners and ballast water

CBE, Balmoral Group is a privately-owned company comprising sever- treatment equipment manufacturers. A new, al divisions including Balmoral Offshore Engineering, Balmoral Tanks ? ow throw adjunct for the equipment was and Balmoral Business Park. Balmoral Offshore Engineering provides introduced in the early part of 2019.

buoyancy, elastomer and composite solutions including drilling and distributed riser buoyancy, thermal insulation, cable protection, bend

The Tech restrictors, stiffeners and riser protection guards. Installers and opera-

Sea Sentry is an exhaust gas scrubber, tors are seeking to deploy the latest technology to achieve ef? ciencies wash water monitor that measures pH, throughout the life of a project. The company’s purpose-built produc-

PAH, turbidity and temperature to ensure tion facilities, subsea test center, R&D continuous improvement pro- that IMO set regulations are being met. gram, experienced HSE, engineering and commercial departments all

The company has developed signal cor- play their part in delivering safe and successful projects time after time rection algorithms that are unique and that on a global basis.

have been accredited by class societies such

Balmoral aims to be the ‘? rst choice best solution’ supplier through a as DNV-GL. Fastballast, the ballast water combination of track record, innovation, technical and manufacturing compliance monitor, again uses technology prowess. Balmoral is renowned for its pioneering spirit and by introduc- unique to Chelsea that has established it, ing a dedicated resource, known as the ‘Balmoral R&D Team’, the com- via third party testing, to be the most ac- pany has broadened its horizons to focus on supported markets, product curate method to meet the speci? cations set solutions and routes to market. down by the IMO in their D2 regulations.

The Tech

With a rich history of industry ? rsts, including a ground-breaking hy- brid buoyancy/insulation material that was used in the Girassol ? eld, to a combined buoyancy/VIV suppression system developed more recently for a project offshore Guyana, Balmoral continues to be an industry leader. Subsea materials and product development lie at the core of what Balmoral does; clients are demanding higher performing, lighter, stronger products for their deepwater projects. Coupled with an industry-leading subsea test facility that is capable of extrapolating ma- terials performance for a ? eld life of 25+ years, Balmoral’s expertise has helped the viability of many projects by way of collaboration and early intervention.

Chelsea Technologies

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