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Horten, Norway

President/CEO: Egil Haugsdal

No. of Employees: 11,000

Kongsberg Maritime’s subsea port- tioning and endurance capabilities. folio includes everything from un- KONGSBERG’s new Sounder USV

Motion derwater robots and transponders is a uniquely versatile multipurpose to hydroacoustic sonar systems and platform designed to work across dif- cloud-based infrastructure for data ferent market segments. Alongside

Evolution storage and analysis. The company’s class-leading operational, digital, subsea portfolio includes single and power and propulsion systems for di-

It takes superior senses to thrive multibeam echo sounders, sonars, verse vessels, Kongsberg also offers in the marine world. We’re underwater vehicles and subsea tran- ? eld-proven hydroacoustic systems constantly evolving with cutting sponders and positioning systems, in including; multibeam beam echo edge research and development, addition to software and solutions for sounders, synthetic aperture sonars, defense customers. In line with other ? shing sonars, naval sonars, position- bringing inertial sensing products marine sectors, Kongsberg Maritime ing and subsea communication equip- to your marine application.

is also at the forefront of digitaliza- ment, heading/motion sensing instru- tion for subsea applications. Mapping ments, and sound velocity sensors and


Cloud, which provides easy storage processing software. Kongsberg also of different types of data within the offers Mapping Cloud, a new digital COMPACT, ROBUST platform offering an accessible and Cloud, offers an accessible and prac- AND RELIABLE tical means of uploading and distrib- practical means of uploading and dis-

QUALITY TECHNICAL SUPPORT uting real-time data, which can be tributing real-time data, which can be

DURING INTEGRATION subsequently made available to use made available to use in diverse appli-

COST-EFFECTIVE in diverse applications and products. cations and products. With Mapping


The company continues to excel with Cloud, data uploaded in e.g., Austra- new developments, having unveiled lia could be processed in Paris and the

IDEAL WHERE two advanced USVs and a new gen- results displayed in San Francisco on

SPACE IS AT A eration of its HUGIN AUV, between a user’s favorite application. By shar-


December 2018 and July 2019. ing secure data that can be worked on

Kongsberg Maritime completed the simultaneously, colleagues in differ- acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commer- ent locations can share the workload cial Marine on April 1, 2019 and to- and potentially generate invaluable #motionevolution day covers a ? eet of more than 30,000 insights. Mapping Cloud also negates vessels. the need for local disk storage: data ? les are securely transferred, man-

The Tech aged, shared, processed and archived

The latest Kongsberg AUV, HUGIN on servers hosted in Kongsberg’s

Superior is its most advanced, with cloud-based Kognifai open digital signi? cantly enhanced data, posi- platform.

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