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Greg Trauthwein support more than 30 million jobs and The Commandant is clearly passionate increased vulnerability. We’re building $5.4 trillion in economic activity. about all matters maritime, and he real- out our cyber capability at the Coast

A key document for Admiral Schultz’s izes too that tomorrow’s Coast Guard Guard. I have about 300 positions today is the “Maritime Commerce Strategic must be in-step with the world at-large on cyber at the Coast Guard, and the

Outlook” released in October 2018. “We in terms of technology, as an ef? ciency 2020 budget has about another 60 bod- are committed to the Maritime Com- measure but also to hold serve in the ies as we have to defend Coast Guard merce Strategic Outlook as a 10-year fast-evolving realm of cyber security. networks from attack and we have to plan to raise the visibility of the impor- “We can’t be 10 years behind general bring a cyber regulatory face to the wa- tance of the Coast Guard to our nation’s society in terms of technology,” Admiral terfront. We need to build our own tech- commerce and economic prosperity,” Schultz told MTR. nical experts in this area” and to that end said Admiral Schultz. “When it comes “Think about automated ships and fa- there is a new cyber major at the Coast to conversation about infrastructure, the cilities. With those automated ships and Guard Academy, with the class of 2022

Coast Guard needs to be a part of that facilities comes risk, technical and cyber being the ? rst with graduates with a cy- conversation.” risk. With all of the technology comes ber degree. July/August 2019 12


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