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U.S. Coast GUard

Adm. Karl L. Schultz


Commandant, United States Coast Guard

The career biography of Admiral his leadership team have been tireless that when you talk about investment in

Schultz is predictably impressive for advocates to ensure that Coast Guard infrastructure, maritime infrastructure an of? cer that has ascended to the top operation and asset budgets as well as and the Coast Guard need to be a part of of the United States Coast Guard. Ad- maritime infrastructure needs are kept that conversation and a part of the equa- miral Schultz, who become the 26th ‘top of mind’, ? rmly entrenched in the tion.”

Commandant of the United States Coast ‘vital infrastructure’ discussion. Keeping the commercial maritime wa-

Guard on June 1, 2018, hit the ground “I think it’s important to have the con- terways humming means business for running and has been on a mission versation that links $5.4 trillion in an- the subsea community, and a quick ‘by since day one to not only stress the im- nual commerce to the marine industry,” the numbers’ look at the U.S. maritime portance of the maritime industry as a Admiral Schultz shared with MTR dur- industry is enlightening and puts the whole, but to inextricably link the U.S. ing an exclusive interview on his jet re- Commandant’s mission in perspective: maritime industry – inland, Great Lakes turning from a maritime event in New 95,000 miles of shoreline, 25,000 miles and coastal – to the current and future Orleans. “And I think it’s important to of navigable channels, 361 ports, 50,000 success of the U.S. economy. He and have the conversation in government federal aids to navigation, cumulatively July/August 2019 10


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