Teledyne TSS Launches AHRS and INS Systems

By Marine Technology Reporter

Following a two-year development program, Teledyne TSS previewed a complete new family of advanced AHRS and INS (Inertial Navigation and Attitude and Heading Reference Systems) named Saturn at OI ’14.
The Saturn family is based upon fiber-optic technology developed and manufactured by Teledyne TSS. The family also incorporates advanced digital signal processing and algorithm design to deliver a highly accurate and reliable product to meet the demanding needs of the marine market. All units are compact, lightweight in both air and water and provide a unique alternative to competitive products.
As the first tranche of a comprehensive product development program, there are four versions of the Saturn family with two basic grades of accuracy available in both surface and subsea configurations. To summarize, the Saturn 10 has a heading accuracy of 0.1° sec. lat. RMS, with a pitch/roll accuracy of 0.01°. Heave accuracy 5% or 5cm.Saturn 30 has a heading accuracy of 0.3° sec. lat. RMS with a pitch/roll accuracy of 0.2°. Heave accuracy 5% or 5cm.
Both subsea versions use titanium casings rated to 4,000m as standard.

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