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HVAC eating, ventilation and air-conditioning will be the target. Units that use raw water to provide the (HVAC) systems keep you cool in the sum- heat transfer process will not be what the average CTV mer and warm in the winter. That’s the sim- builder will look for, most will follow the trail blazed by

H ple explanation. It does not encompass the workboat construction and install split systems. Here the complexities of what needs to be done to assure the all- condenser unit can be in one area, such as machinery important continued conditioning of the air in your vessel. spaces or the exterior deck, and the evaporator/s are lo-

The systems installed in vessels today can run the gam- cated in the space to be cooled. On the smaller and space ut from static vent scoops that force air into an area to conscious CTVs the machinery spaces are occupied by a raw water chiller system whose workings take up the critical machinery and condensers will be placed on an same amount of space as a 40-foot cargo container. The upper exterior deck and resemble the units seen at apart- equipment is there to meet the need of the end user. Se- ments and homes the world over. lecting the right system will come down to the budget, Chief Engineer Chris Larsen, who has been sailing the vessel, the long/short term needs and the amount of commercially for 16 years, the last six while holding a hands-on maintenance the user can provide. No system Chief Engineer Unlimited, said domestic units that have is foolproof, and any system placed into the mostly salt- some level of corrosion protection installed (stainless steel water environment that is found on seagoing vessels will housings, protection for internal components from sea- need its share of upkeep. water or spray) will still have a diminished working life at

Modern equipment is controlled and regulated using sea. These units are seen on many offshore support vessels circuit boards. Small on-board processers in the equipment (OSV) working the

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