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MARINE EQUIPMENT pational safety, property and the envi- 2.1 declaration is a document in which Conclusion ronment. This promotion is achieved the manufacturer declares that the With so many organizations in- through the establishment and veri? - products supplied are in compliance volved and documentation types, cation of compliance with technical with the requirements of the order, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with and engineering standards for the de- without the inclusion of test results. the certi? cation and inspection pro- sign, construction and life-cycle main- A Type 2.2 report is similar, but the cess for marine products. With all tenance of ships, offshore units and requirements of the order are ful? lled the intricacies involved, partnering other marine-related facilities. These with the provision of test results based with a knowledgeable company – like standards are contained in rules estab- on a non-speci? c inspection. Bosch Rexroth, for example – for lished by each individual society. The second category is de? ned by marine product solutions is crucial

Although IACS is a non-govern- speci? c inspections, which are issued to success in this industry. Whatever mental organization, it plays a role for essential equipment, meaning in- your chosen route to rolling out new within the IMO, for which IACS pro- spected equipment has a hazard poten- equipment, choose a partner that vides technical support and guidance tial for life and limb. Hazardous equip- can provide a wide range of certi? ed and develops uni? ed interpretations ment includes applications such as products, assemblies and systems for of the international statutory regula- steering gears and propulsion systems. both on deck and below deck appli- tions developed by the member states This category includes Inspection Cer- cations. Moreover, navigating those of the IMO. Once adopted, these ti? cates Type 3.1 and 3.2. A Type 3.1 multi-faceted certi? cation processes interpretations are applied by each certi? cate is a document issued by the requires the expertise that, more of-

IACS member society when certifying manufacturer in which they declare ten than not, emanates from a single compliance with statutory regulations that the products supplied are in com- source provider. on behalf of authorizing ? ag states. pliance with the requirements of the order and in which they supply test

Inspection Documents and results. This document is validated by

Certi? cates the manufacturer’s authorized inspec-

Depending on the function for tion representative, independent of the which a product is used, speci? c ap- manufacturing department.

proval from classi? cation societies A Type 3.2 certi? cation is a docu- may be required. This speci? c product ment prepared by both the manu- approval or certi? cation requires the facturer’s authorized representative, societies’ involvement for establishing independent of the manufacturing individual product certi? cates or for department and either the purchas- issuing general applicable product type er’s authorized representative or the approvals. Product certi? cates may inspector designated by the of? cial be according to standard EN10204, regulations. Like the Type 3.1 certi? - while type-approval certi? cates require cate, this certi? cate declares the prod- a speci? c format from the society in- ucts supplied are in compliance with volved. According to EN10204 stan- the requirements of the order and in dards, the certi? cates can be summa- which test results are supplied. rized into two categories. For both the Type 3.1 and 3.2 cer-

The ? rst category involves non-spe- ti? cates, it is permissible for the man- ci? c inspections, which are issued for ufacturer to transit relevant test re- non-essential equipment. This means sults previously obtained by a speci? c inspected equipment is without hazard inspection on primary or incoming potential for life or limb and includes products to the inspection certi? cate, applications such as cranes or winches. provided that the manufacturer oper-

This category includes a Declaration of ates traceability procedures and can

Compliance with the order (Type 2.1) provide the required corresponding and a Test Report (Type 2.2). A Type inspection documents. 89 MN

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