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time transformation, where new technology and digital solutions enable a move towards smarter, more ef? cient, safer and greener operations.

From MAN’s perspective, digitalization supports its commitment to help its customers increase the safety, re- liability and predictability of their individual vessel per- formance and overall ? eet. Through the cooperation with

KONGSBERG, MAN aims to securely onboard custom- ers faster to provide our new digital services, advanced ana- lytics and support; areas in which it can provide unique bene? ts to their business. The company is also expecting faster development of its core functionality, supported by a stronger focus and customer interaction.

Maritime Digitalization: fundamentals in practice

Clearly, the bene? ts outlined above all point to the three cost-reducing and business-enhancing fundamentals of maritime digitalization: asset lifecycle optimization, value chain transformation and operational excellence. The ? rst of these simply equates to maximizing the pro? ts achiev- able from a company’s assets over their complete working

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