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Sustainable, energy-ef? cient working practices and environmental regulatory compliance are among the hot-button topics driving the spread of maritime digitalization.

By Vigleik Takle, Senior Vice President –

Maritime Digital Solutions – at Kongsberg he bene? ts of a digital strategy for companies vestigate the possibility of using Kongsberg Digital’s data- working within the maritime industry soon infrastructure solution, Vessel Insight, to securely collect stack up. In addition to providing operational/ and transmit data using MAN Energy Solution’s digital logistical streamlining, data-based insights, platform, MAN CEON. A successful trial would allow

T a competitive edge and a reputational leg-up, connect- MAN Energy Solutions to use advanced services such as ing operational systems and consolidating interfaces also PrimeServ Assist, its remote monitoring and optimization drives the levels of ef? ciency required for tangible environ- package, to better serve customers.

mental and ? nancial sustainability. The complexity of data capture and transfer drives up

Once the preserve of companies always expected to be on the cost of these essentially non-core activities and pre- board for early adoption of new technologies, the ability to vents ef? cient development of value adding solutions to access and analyze vessel data using cloud-based solutions is the market. Collaboration between vendors in the indus- now a realistic option for more commercial operators. trial digital value chain is therefore a win-win for vendors,

The recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding who can focus on digital development within their core (MoU) between KONGSBERG and MAN Energy Solu- competencies, and customers, who will get faster access to tions, with the purpose of exploring the potential for col- better and more cost-ef? cient solutions.

laboration on a common data infrastructure for the mari- The collaboration between the industrial software com- time sector re? ects the fact that digitalization is now ? rmly pany and the world-leading engine and marine solution in the maritime mainstream. The collaboration has been provider aims to solve a key challenge for the broader established to broaden the value offering to vessel opera- adoption of digital solutions, namely the high cost of cap- tors, improve return on investment in digital solutions and turing quality data from the vessels, which leaves vessel increase the adoption of secure connectivity. owners and operators with an unattractive ROI on their

Under the MoU, MAN Energy Solutions is set to in- digital investments. This could help accelerate the mari-

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