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Lower Stress = Reduced Accidents

Because of the FASST Winder’s design requires less effort and engages other muscle groups, the winch allows for four times less back stress and reduces shoulder stress by half, compared to the ratchet model, according to a third-party report. In a nutshell, the FASST Winder’s simple design reduces the risk of injury through key factors, as follows: • No Cheater Pipe or Extension Handle: Adequate cable tension can be generated with the FASST Winder with the newly designed handle and foot pedal, meaning no “Cheater

Pipe,” “Ratchet Handle Extension,” or “Johnny Bar” is needed to create extra leverage.

• Four Points of Contact: The FASST Winder model winch can be operated with four points of contact – both hands on the handle, one foot on the barge surface, and one foot on the pedal.

As the FASST Winder nears three years in the market,

NABRICO has seen

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