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A Step Up in Safety

How NABRICO’s FASST Winder Winch created a safer work environment.

reat ideas can come anytime, from anyone. For leg muscles in the process.

NABRICO, a ? eld team member’s understand- NABRICO discovered a core issue with the tradition-

Ging of the physical exertion required to operate al ratchet winch. As winches are tightened, an operator’s a ratchet handle, while also acknowledging the value in performance weakens over time due to natural fatigue. the older spoked hand wheel con? guration, brought about To solve for this, the new FASST Winder design allowed both innovation and new standard of winch safety to the for a lower performance load (the amount of thought and market in the form of the FASST Winder Winch. strength required to safely perform a task) using gravity and the lever in the operator’s favor. This drove perfor-

Maximizing Return on Energy mance to stay more consistent. When faced with the ele-

Rather than using a ratchet handle, which required more ments like heat or rain, the energy saved provided a safer, physical effort, the new winch incorporates a handle and more productive work environment for the operator. foot pedal at the right location to maximize return on en- In fact, and according to one third-party report(*), the ergy, harnessing the unused power of the operator’s arms, FASST Winder’s new design allowed for over 50% reduc- legs and gravity. The result: a FASST Winder would take tion in force required to operate the winch. stress off the operator’s back and shoulders by engaging the

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