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Cut downtime through preventative maintenance

Monitoring engines and other criti- cal equipment enables the crew and the vessel operations team to take re- medial action before equipment suf- fers catastrophic failure. This offers many logistical bene? ts. For example, operators can minimize the level of damage caused by equipment break- down, and gain the foresight to group maintenance activities into periods of scheduled downtime - maximizing vessel availability.

Seacat Services, a UK-based CTV operator, prioritizes an in-depth un- derstanding of the health and perfor- mance of its assets as a way of maximiz- ing vessel availability and ensuring the safety of technicians and crew. When

Seacat installed Reygar’s cutting-edge

BareFLEET advanced monitoring system across its ? eet of 14 vessels, it also empowered crews and operations staff to respond to crucial vessel data – while also gaining feedback on their own performance.

Ian Baylis, Managing Director of

Seacat Services, explains how Bare-

FLEET processes intangible data to generate concrete, operational results: “There are 440 alarms connected to each engine. For 20 of these, the alarm is a signal for us not to start the engine.

These alerts go straight to vessel man- agers’ mobile phones so that checks can be carried out before the vessel leaves the harbor – and, crucially, this enables us to act before a fault becomes critical and results in unscheduled downtime.”

Ultimately, Seacat’s decision to in- stall Reygar’s cost-effective monitoring system optimizes the availability of the entire ? eet. “The system paid for itself within the ? rst few months. For mod- ern CTV operators seeking to make use of the latest advancements in digi- tal vessel monitoring systems, Bare-

FLEET is indispensable,” said Baylis. 67 MN

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