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Advanced Monitoring Systems:Advanced Monitoring Systems: *All images credit: Seacat Services

The key to success in the rapidly emerging domestic offshore wind sector.

By Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director of Reygar Ltd.

espite an increase in the digitization of operating Increasingly, European vessel operators are adopting practices throughout the maritime sector, advanced cost-effective advanced monitoring systems that plug di- monitoring has seen limited uptake in the U.S. by rectly into on-board sensors and equipment, providing the D operators of smaller vessels such as workboats, with invest- kinds of insight into vessel operations and safety that they ment typically focused on the larger end of the market. know will help them to meet the KPIs stipulated by project

However, as the domestic offshore wind market expands, owners. Importantly, vessel operators can use their moni- local operators logically will respond to the demands of toring systems as hard evidence to demonstrate this to their project owners whose standards and SOP have long been clients – vital when negotiating for long term contracts.

established in the European sector. Adopting advanced vessel monitoring practices will

Monitoring operational and performance data are a key as- see domestic Jones Act operators capitalize on the lessons pect of offshore wind project owners’ expectations, and a will- learned via hard experience by established players in the ingness to supply this data has proved a strong in

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