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From Estonia with Love

Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, the classic Maine boat designer and builder will build to Baltic Workboats design for the domestic workboat market.

By Rick Eyerdam yman-Morse Boatbuilding, the classic Maine boat where Estonia is,” he said with a laugh. “Then you get over designer and builder will announce at this year’s In- there and you are like wow! I mean if that yard were in the

L ternational WorkBoat Show that it has entered into U.S it would be blowing people away right now. They have the domestic workboat market as the Jones Act builder for a ton of work in Europe and it is a couple of younger guys the Estonian, Baltic Workboats wave piercing pilot boat, that own it. It is pretty cool.” currently popular with Danish and Belgian pilots.

How do you feel about taking on something as unusu- Estonia actually al as building a pilot boat designed and built in Estonia, Estonia is in Northern Europe where it borders the Baltic we asked Drew Lyman, President of Lyman-Morse boat Sea and Gulf of Finland. It includes more than 1,500 is- works? “It is pretty exciting venture for us. It really diversi- lands, one of which is Saaremaa, home to Baltic Boat Works’

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