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PROPULSION 2016 for marine high performance The D8 engine combined with and serial hybrid propulsion systems.

and leisure applications. This was fol- Stamford generators create a genset Next generation power generation lowed by a new variant that boasted portfolio tailor-made to auxiliary is indeed here. Here, and across the a 3-4 rating, making it suitable for power generation. This engine is also big pond, Volvo Penta is at the heart commercial Light duty, planing and powerful enough to be the base power of it all. That’s true today, and for to- semi-planing boats. The Volvo Pen- provider in compact diesel-electric morrow, as well.

ta D8 MH is an in-line 6-cylinder, 7.7-liter diesel engine with common- rail fuel injection, double overhead camshafts and twin-entry turbo, fea- turing a rigid cast-iron cylinder block and cylinder head.

As a genset the D8 comes complete with engine, generator and monitor- ing system, all tested and ready for in- stallation onboard. D8 based gensets will deliver power in 50 Hz and 60 Hz in a range from 136kWe to 250 kWe and come with major classi? cation so- ciety approvals.

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