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PROPULSION pulsion vessel with the re? t scheduled cluding the fact that all of our marine several different technologies to build to begin in early 2020. To start the engines are classi? ed for HVO, syn- a platform that is available both today process, Volvo Penta ? tted the electric thetic diesel that allows you to reduce and in the long-term.” technology into its own test boat to your carbon footprint by up to 90% evaluate. The test vessel – known as approximately just by using a differ-

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PTA81 – may be slightly smaller than ent fuel. That, combined with electri-

While there is ample ‘big picture’ the ferry, but it has the same batteries, ? cation, means that we’re investing in trend talk regarding emission reduc- controllers and electric motors that will be used on the Älvsnabben 4. The technology being tested is not just ap- plicable for ferry operations, it will be relevant for most marine electro- mobility applications, and has been proven elsewhere in the Volvo Group.

“In terms of electri? cation, water- way transport in big cities – whether it’s goods, whether it’s passengers – lends itself well to electri? cation, where there is a predictability, a clear picture of the energy required and infrastructure for charging stations,” said Inden. “So the area that we see moving forward at the fastest pace for full electri? cation is passenger trans- portation on city waterways. When you move to hybridization, you widen the business case where you combine a traditional propulsion system with an electric system.” “Our investment into the R&D that goes into this electric propulsion is growing. I think it’s important to realize though, while we speak more about electri? cation, there are many different ways of becoming more sus- tainable and investing toward the fu- ture,” said Inden. “It’s everything in-

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