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Workboat Propulsion:

New Advances

Produce Myriad


Credit: Leclanche

Big changes are blowing in the wind for 2019 Brown Water propulsion systems – and beyond.

By Rick Eyerdam s the ? nal quarter of 2019 winds into full gear, myr- population 6,000, to the rest of Denmark. The route is iad issues, challenges and developments are impact- 22 nautical miles long. The ship is capable of carrying 30

A ing the North American brown water, shallow draft vehicles and 200 passengers in summer. It is powered by workboat markets in particular. To sort it all out, Marine- the largest portable DC battery system ever, with an un-

News turned to some of the leading brown water manufac- precedented capacity of 4.3 megawatts (MWh) provided turers of propulsion systems. Among these, Yanmar, Cim- by Leclanché SA, one of the world’s leading energy storage co (OXE), ABB, Torqeedo, MTU, Leclanché SA, Danfoss companies. The operators estimate the electric ferry will

Editron and others responded with their version of ‘what’s save over 2,000 tons of CO2 per year in its operation.

hot, why, and what that all means for today’s powerplants and The battery system supplied by Leclanché in the E-ferry tomorrow’s promises.’ Ellen is a proprietary high-energy graphite/NMC (nickel-

We started out by asking, “What makes your engines / manganese cobalt lithium oxide) and LTO (titanate lith- propulsion systems the better choice for any brown water ap- ium oxide) cells, according to Dean Jennings, vice presi- plication?” From that emerged the top achievements for dent of Leclanche’s e-Marine business.

these OEM’s in 2019 and a closer look at the future of this These are G-NMC lithium-ion cells with unique safety promising category. Spoiler alert: Batteries, very big bat- features, including a bi-cellular laminated design and ce- teries, and AC motors. ramic separators. Leclanché speci? cally designs and engi- neers a Class Type Approved and Certi? ed Marine Rack

LECLANCHÉ FOR (BATTERY) POWER, Systems (MRS) including ? re prevention and extinguish-

DANFOSS EDITRON TO CONVERT AND DISTRIBUTE IT ing systems. The project has received the DNV-GL Type “E-Ferry Ellen,” the world’s largest all-electric ferry, has Approval Certi? cate, the DNV-GL Product Certi? cate made its maiden voyage connecting the island of Aerø, and the NMA certi? cate for Danish waters, Jennings said.

Image above: The battery system supplied by Leclanché in the E-ferry Ellen is a proprietary high-energy graphite/NMC (nickel-manganese cobalt lithium oxide) and LTO (titanate lithium oxide) cells, according to Dean Jennings, vice president of Leclanche’s e-Marine business.

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