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WORKBOAT COMMUNICATIONS “If the Agile 4Marine does not f nd any other connection than satellite, only then will it select satellite. But, if a cellular connection is found, it will re- evaluate and switch over from satellite back to cellular.” – Sheryar Wahid,

Agile’s Co-Founder and Chief Technical Of cer water. This requires no action by the operator.

Agile 4Marine’s U.S.-made ruggedized hardware pack- age is taken from a solid aluminum block, designed to maximize the surface area for superior cooling, while the interior of the case is cut to the exact shape of the boards inside so that the cellular radios and processors are directly contacting the aluminum. This maximizes heat exchange allowing operations in increased temperatures, eliminating the risk of employing a cooling fan that often fails.

That the hardware’s physical footprint measures just 6”x6”x2”making it ideal for workboats – inland push- boats, for example – where space is always at a premium.

Installation requires a single connection to power with a second cable connection to antennas and GPS.



The savings can add up, especially for those who never before thought that they could afford technologies such as remote monitoring. Indeed, a recent study extolled the possibilities of insurance breaks (reduced premiums) for those who use remote monitoring. Wahid explains, “Ev- ery insurance company has their own criteria and creden- tials for what is available in terms of discounts. This will become one of the stipulations of an ongoing commu- nications stream, from vessels to shore. One day, it will become a requirement but today, it is just provided in the form of a discount.”

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