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INSIGHTS built. A vessel built in the Gulf for service in Alaska has to

Here and overseas, Fernstrum continues to drive trends in emerging markets. These include under- have a cooling system designed for both conditions. You water tidal turbines, AUV’s and ROV’s. Tell us a bit won’t pass sea trials in 90 degree Gulf seawater on a vessel about that work and what these markets entail when designed strictly for 55 degree Arctic seawater.

it comes to your product line.

You need to be able to create a real-world solution to

Inland operators have options when it comes to cool- a theoretical problem. That requires working closely with ing requirements. That said; most inland marine ves- the project engineers, having the expertise and a clear un- sel operators tend to prefer to be keel cooled be- cause of the dirty, shallow water environments that derstanding of what you can and can’t manufacture in a they operate in. Why is this true?

product, and understanding how your product will oper-

Simplicity and reliability. Seawater pumps, seacocks, ate in conjunction with other systems and sub-systems in strainers and seawater piping are all eliminated with keel an application.

coolers, and how often do you think an operator wants to be dead in the water with 20 barges or a load of passengers

And, speaking of foreign markets, dispelling the no- tion that U.S.

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