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INSIGHTS or ? anged units. Improving the heat exchange in a given lenges facing inland towboat operators and where

Fernstrum can provide the ideal solution(s).

space led to our enhanced tubing. Work with one of our

European representatives brought us the WEKA Boxcool- In the passenger vessel market, the way to meet regu- er. More recently, we have our double stacked and angled lations on thru-hull ? ttings has been with cofferdams. tube units along with the addition of the Tranter product The other way we have met the needs of that market is line. These are a few of the improvements and changes by providing our Z-Option units. For these installations, we’ve made, and there’s more to come. a pipe stub penetrates the hull and all of the ? ttings are external to the hull.

As EPA Tier levels move on up to levels 3 and 4, the mighty keel cooler has matched strides to make sure Your year-on-year sales, and year to date, are up that cleaner air doesn’t also mean poorly perform- signi

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