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HOLDFAST – Engineered with

One Key Goal in Mind: Grip

Holdfast utilizes HMPE and nylon ? ber to deliver a lightweight, high- strength, ? oating line that will grip on H-bitts and capstans much bet- ter than traditional 100% HMPE lines. Holdfast is coated with

TEUFELBERGER’s proprietary SCHOTTEL Rudder

EcoPeller SRE abrasion resistant coating that is

SCHOTTEL’s azimuth Rudder Eco- specially formulated to yield high-

Peller SRE delivers on a wide range er strength and more durable and of applications for open sea and water-resistant lines. Coatings are coastal operating conditions, par- available in assorted colors. ticularly for the ferry sector, where it demonstrates its highly ef? cient and ecologically clean propulsion while also meeting the strict environmental regulations of the Norwegian mar- ket. As a result, SCHOTTEL has achieved a top market position there by providing propulsion systems for 16 ferries in various power ratings.

Marakeb Technologies

Delivers Unmanned Drive

Marakeb Technologies recently in- tegrated its autonomous solution into an Unmanned Surface Ves- sel project. A 16 foot work vessel now operates autonomously us- ing Marakeb’s patented device, the

MAP Pro. Autonomous operations

Sennebogen to Deliver World’s

New York Blower’s involve programming routes and

Largest Material Handler

Versatile Vaneaxial Fan instructions to navigate a scenario

The New York Blower Company has SENNEBOGEN will deliver the on its own, including a path layout, expanded its line of industrial axial ? rst of its new record-setting 895 programmable speeds, warnings, fans with the Vaneaxial Adjustable E Series model to North American failsafe protocols and live data relay

Pitch Direct Drive Fan. The fan is customers next year. At an esti- from all sensors on the vessel back ideal for high-? ow, high-pressure mated 390 tons and reach of more to a ground control station. applications in industries including, than 130 feet, the 895 E is the larg- process supply and exhaust and trans- est material handler ever built. The portation. The fan’s inline, compact 895 E is powered by a 755 HP (563 design is ef? cient for applications kW) diesel motor or optional 670 con? ned by space, reaches a volume HP (500 kW) electric drive motor. of 120,000 CFM and is precisely It’s offered with a choice of three manufactured to improve ef? ciency. standard undercarriages.

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